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Toning lotion, which contains CO2 extracts, gently cleanses, moisturizes and restores natural hydrobalance and improves skin microrelief. It makes the skin fresh, soft and a healthy glowing, helps to tone up it, accelerates regeneration, regulates lipid balance and helps to restore skin structure, saturates it with nutrients, making it more soft and velvety. CO2 extracts have moisturizing and smoothing properties and prevent wrinkles formation. The lotion normalizes skin pH.

Functions: skin toning, moisturizing, cleansing, detoxification. Stimulates regeneration, restores skin pH.

Indications: suitable for all skin types and for daily application.

Application: Wipe face with a cotton pad soaked in the tonic lotion. It can be applied after cleansing milk, gel and scrub, before applying cream or serum (at home) and after the masks before applying cream (in salon treatments).

Product form: a bottle with a dispenser of 250 ml.

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