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About products

The study of the mechanisms of the activity of the stratum corneum of the skin, the biosystem of the skin cell and the problem of the pathology of the upper stratum corneum of the skin made it possible to create a unique drug that promotes cell regeneration and rapid wound healing. Our product is unique in that, as the declared action, it sets the task: to restore the protective barrier function of the skin.

Years of research have led to an important conclusion – the effect of any drug applied to the skin surface should be considered, first of all, from the standpoint of its possible effect on the epidermal barrier. The novelty and uniqueness of our products is that it restores the skin barrier to normal, and the healthy skin itself copes with the emerging problems. GREEN PHARM COSMETIC does not add any hormones and chemical medicinal substances. Only natural plant substances in combination with high technologies created on the basis of the latest achievements of world scientific thought in such areas as dermatology, corneology, cosmetology, cytology, biochemistry and phytochemistry.

Today, our company manufactures products under two brands: “SKIN RESCUE SERVICE” and “GREEN PHARM COSMETIC”.

“SKIN SALVATION SERVICE” – means designed to combat skin diseases, as well as promoting the fastest possible regeneration of skin with damage of various types and severity.

“GREEN PHARM COSMETIC” – cosmetic products intended both for use by professional beauticians and for home skin care.

Products of TM “GREEN PHARM COSMETIC” are created on the basis of plant extracts due to which, it has a mild effect on the epidermis and effectively eliminates the identified skin problems.

We work with large pharmacy chains, cosmetology centers, doctors and dermatologists throughout Ukraine. Our experts conduct offsite training seminars and master classes, participate in international cosmetology exhibitions. The material and technical base of the company (its own production) makes it possible to effectively perform any tasks, and experience and long-term research give confidence in the effectiveness, uniqueness and irreplaceability of our products.