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Release form: white cream, homogeneous, without visible inclusions, in a jar with a lid of  100 ml.
Innovative product “Zinox” cream is designed to solve a wide range of skin problems. The cream has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, drying effect, relieves irritation, reduces the manifestations of exudation, forms a protective barrier on the skin surface.

Used when:
• diaper dermatitis;
• intertrigos;
• bedsores;
• minor thermal burns;
• excessive sweating;
• hypersecretion of sebaceous glands;
• minor freezing injuries;
• acne;
• eczema

Almond oil and extracts of medicinal herbs contained in the cream, soften the skin, relieve irritation and inflammation. For complex skin care and the fight against diaper rash, the cream can be used from the first days of baby’s life.

Not a medicinal product.

Does not contain components prohibited in the perfume and cosmetics industry.

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