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It is a natural and safe remedy for the feet that eliminates swelling, relieves fatigue and heaviness in the legs. It is also characterized by reinforced phleboprotective effect, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reducing their permeability, improves microcirculation. The gel prevents the leg edema, relieves the feeling of fatigue and heaviness in the legs, leaving a sense of lightness and freshness. The skin gets a fresh and pleasant fragrance. Relaxgel also has a cooling effect.

Indications for use: swelling of the feet, fatigue in the legs.

Application method: Apply the gel to the cleansed skin with massaging movements until completely absorbed. It is recommended as a preventative remedy against tired legs, both at night and in the morning – before leaving. It is a very effective tool for people who spend the day on their feet.

Active ingredients: Mentha Pipperita Extract, Pinus Sylvestris Extract, Chamomilla Recurita Flower Extract, Vinca Major Extract, Eucalyptus Melliodora Essential Oil.