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The mask shall be applied on skin with pigment spots. Extracts included in its formula prevent formation of excess melanin. The mask has intense whitening effect; also, it regenerates the top skin layer, thus evening it.

APPLICATION: fhe mask shall be prepared immediately before the procedure. To prepare the mask, mix 25 g (1 spoon +1/2 spoon) of powder with 75 ml of water with a temperature of 20°C and stir the mixture during the first minute. Then apply the prepared mixture on face in a thick layer. The recommended time of treatment is 20 minutes. After the procedure, the mask shall be removed from face upwards. The mask residues shall be washed off with water or wiped with tonic.

WARNING: do not use in case of hypersensitivity to separate components of the composition.

INGREDIENTS: alginate, grape extract, saxifrage extract, mulberry extract, diatomite.

Not a medicinal product.

COLOR: white.

PHARMACEUTICAL FORM: plastic jar 250 g + measuring spoon.

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